Legend of Weeping Stone

Weeping Stone

Hill far from the village, Kalimantan region lived a poor widow and a daughter.
The girl was very beautiful widow. But alas, she has a very bad attitude. She was very lazy, never helped her mother to do house chores. It works just primp every day.
In addition, lazy, spoiled girl’s attitude at all. All requests must be followed. Every time he asks something to the mother must be granted, regardless of the circumstances of the poor mother, slaving every day should be looking for a bite of rice.

On one day the girl asked her mother down to the village for shopping. The location of the village market so far, so they had to walk quite tiring. The girl was walking strolled by wearing a nice dress and primp for the street people who see it will be admiring her beauty. While her mother walked behind, carrying baskets with very dirty clothes. Because they lived a remote place, no one knows that the two women who run it is the mother and child.
When they began to enter the village, the village people watching them. They were so impressed with the beauty of the girl child, especially the rural youth who can not get enough of looking at the girl’s face. But when I saw people walking behind the girl, really contrasting circumstances. It makes one wonder.
Among those who saw it, a young man approached and asked her, “Hi, pretty girl. Is that runs behind the mother?”
However, what the girl’s answer?
“No,” she said proudly. “sHe is a servant!”
Both mother and child then went on the trip. Not how far, again a young man approached and asked the girl child.
“Hi, sweetie. Is that runs behind was your mother?”
“No, no,” replied the girl with her head tilted. “He is slave!”
That each girl met someone along the way who inquired about her mother, always answer it. Her mother is treated as a servant or slave.
At first hearing, the rebellious daughter’s answer when asked of people, the mother still can not help myself. But after repeatedly hearing the same answer and a very painful thought, finally my poor mother could not refrain. The mother prayed.
“Oh God, I can not withstand this insult. Child birth so how could I treat myself from my way. Yes, the gods punish this prodigal son! Punish her ….”
On the power of God the Almighty, the girl’s body slowly turns to stone rebellious. The change started from the foot. When the change has reached half a body, the girl begged forgiveness of his mother crying.
“Oh, mother .. mother .. please forgive me, forgive your doughter  for this perfidy. Mom … Mom … please forgive your doughter ..” The girl continued to weep and cry to her mother pleaded. However, everything has been delayed. The whole body of the girl finally turned to stone. Even a stone, but one can see that both eyes still shed tears, like she was crying. Therefore, the stone came from a girl who got her mother’s curse is called “Weeping Stone.”


Legend of Jaya Prana Layon sari




Two village boys, I Nyoman Jayaprana (servant of the king’s favorite Kalianget) met with Ni Nyoman Layonsari (daughter of Banjar Jero Bandesa Sekar). Ever since their meeting in a market, Layonsari and Jayaprana  fell in love who finally agreed to marry. Perkawinan ini tidak bertahan lama karena Raja Kalianget tergila-gila pada kecantikan Ni Layonsari. Dengan menggunakan segala tipu muslihat untuk memisahkan pasangan baru ini. This marriage did not last long because the King Kalianget crazy about beauty Ni Layonsari . By using all the tricks to separate this new partner. I Jayaprana di utus ke Teluk Terima bersama Patih Sawunggaling yang kemudian menikamnya di sebuah hutan sehingga tewas. I Jayaprana in sent to the Gulf with Patih Sawunggaling Receive a later stabbed in a forest that was killed. Dengan berpura-pura meratapi kematian abdi kesayangannya, sambil menawarkan belas kasihan, Prabu Kalianget merayu Ni Layonsari agar mau dibawa ke puri. By pretending to mourn the death of his favorite servants, while offering compassion, King Kalianget Ni Layonsari to seduce want to be taken to the castle. Permintaan ini ditolak mentah-mentah oleh Ni Layonsari yang telah mengetahui suaminya telah dibunuh oleh suruhan sang raja. The request is rejected by Ni Layonsari who have known her husband had been murdered by agents of the king. Tak sudi menerima perlakuan seperti itu sang raja merasa berang, lalu memaksa Ni Layonsari. Not willing to accept such treatment of the king was furious, and forced Ni Layonsari . Ketika terjadi pergumulan dengan sang raja, Ni Layonsari menarik keris sang raja untuk menikam dirinya sendiri. When there is struggle with the king,Ni Layonsari take the sword from the King and stab herself. Melihat hal ini sang raja menjadi kalap lalu membunuh setiap orang yang mendekat padanya. Seeing this the king became crazy and kill every person who approached him. Kisah ini berakhir secara tragis dengan tewasnya raja Kalianget di tangan rakyatnya sendiri. This story ends tragically with the deaths at the hands of the king Kalianget own people.




Myth of Calong Arang


At the beginning of 7th century, a Balinese prince, the great Erlangga, became the king of a Javanese in east Java, the Kingdom of Daha. His mother, Mahendradatta, was a Javanese princess who ruled Bali with her Balinese husband, Dharmodayana, until the husband, suspecting her of practicing evil magic, exiled her to the forest.

When Erlangga’s father died, leaving Mahendradatta as a rangda or a widow, she conspired to use her band of pupils trained in the black arts to destroy Erlangga’s kingdom. Her chief grudge against Erlangga because of fancied insults to her beautiful daughter, Ratna Menggali – the noblemen of Daha had refused her in marriage for fear of her mother’s evil reputation and the failure of Airlangga to prevent his father ( Dharmodayana) to marry again.

Calonarang (Erlangga’s mother who practising evil magic) went with her pupils to the cemetery and they prayed and danced in honor of Durga Bhairawa, the deity of black magic, to help them destroy Daha. The goddess appeared and danced with them, granting her permission, warning the witch, however, to preserve the center of the kingdom untouched. The witches danced at the crossroads and soon people fell in great numbers.

Discovering the cause of the epidemic, Erlangga ordered his soldiers to go and kill the witch. They stole into her house while she slept and stabbed her in the heart , but Calonarang awoke unhurt and consumed the daring soldiers with her own fire. The witch went once more into the cemetery and danced with her pupils, dug out corpses, cutting them into pieces, eating the members, drinking the blood, and wearing the entrails as necklaces. Durga Bhairawa appeared again and joined in the bloody banquet, but warned Calonarang to be careful. The witches danced once more at the crossroads and the dreadful epidemic ravaged the land, the vassals of Erlangga died before they could even bury the the corpses they bore to the cemeteries.

The desperate king sent for Mpu Bharada, the holy man from Lemah Tulis, the only living being who could vanquish the witch. Mpu Bharada planned his campaign carefully. He sent Bahula, his young assistant, to ask for the witch daughter’s in marriage. Highly flattered, the mother gave her consent and after a happy and passionate honeymoon, Bahula learned from his wife the secret of Calonarang’s power. The possession of a little magic book which he stole and turned over to his master. The holy man copied it and had it returned before the disappearance could be noticed. The book was a manual of righteousness and had to be read backwards. The holy man was then able to restore life to those victims whose bodies had not yet decayed. Armed with the new knowledge, he accused the witch of her crimes, but she challenged him by setting an enormous Banyan tree on fire by a single look of her fiery eyes. Bharada foiled the enraged witch by restoring the tree, and she turned her fire against the holy man. Unmoved, he killed her with one of her own mantras, but she died in her monstrous form and Bharada, to absolve her of her crimes and enable her to atone for them, revived her, gave her human appearance, and then killed her again.