Whales travel

Whales travel


Each year, an epic journey undertaken by the largest marine mammal species. They went in search of a warmer climate that provides the perfect environment for the birth of their offspring.
During winter in the Southern hemisphere progresses, the whales travel to the coastal waters of northern Australia, leaving the cold Antarctic waters and barren.
This may be part of their life cycle, but each year thousands of people waiting to witness the stunning views of the whales and their babies newborn.
On the right day, or maybe in the right mood, this remarkable mammals will play a show that was worth the wait. It was as if he were doing attractions. They menyeburkan and rolled threw their bodies, through the oceans and has been attracting more camera shots than did journalists in pursuit of celebrities.
Whale-watching the show has become a big business in Australia. With so many whales are seen easily in many areas, including Stradbroke Island and Hervey Bay in Queensland, Cape Byron and Sapfir Coast in New South Wales, Point Hicks in Victoria and Storm Bay in Tasmania. All these areas are areas frequented by whales, provides many opportunities for the audience to see their greatness.
Another favorite area to watch the whales, among others in South and West coast of Australia – Ottway Coast in Victoria, Great Australian Bight gulf and Cape Leeuwin, Shark Bay and Ningaloo in Western Australia.
Melony Robb has been working for five years at The Spirit of Hervey Bay, whale performing companies. “The size is just absolutely amazing,” he said. “Seeing the whales are the oceans penetration is the most riveting for most viewers.” He said that the excitement of making their work valued customers.
Starting from June to November, you can expect to be able to see whales and humpback whales south along the east coast when they go to the north in search of food and a place to give birth.
Humpback whale is usually the most large in size, averaging between 14-19 feet in length, while the length of a whale the size of the South is between 13-18 meters. Killer whales (killer whale / ocra) can also be seen on the track line migration (migration) – type species where they are the smallest among the three, ie, between 8 – 9.5 feet in length.
“September is the time really busy because it is right in the middle of the season,” an explanation of Robb. “Moreover, the mother and baby whale, make everyone enthusiastic interested to watch, especially school holidays usually are at this period so this is a fun way to spend time with family.”
Many ships, including a boat The Spirit of Hervey Bay, is equipped with a glass window in water that are large so the whales can be seen both above and below water.
Window in the water gives the best view, according to Robb, “Because it can make you feel as if swimming with the giant creature. It can be listened to their singing voices and see the antics of their behavior is an interesting natural occurrence that should not be missed.”
Cape Byron is one of the first show the location of whales in Australia, with a bunch of whales that swim is not too far off the coast.
Ironically, before becoming one of the most popular venues whales, Cape Byron is actually a whaling town. Whaling stopped in 1970 to further advance the field of tourism. It definitely has become a reality, with the current membludaknya tourists, who visit the beautiful beaches to watch the whales.
Byron Bay whale show is not just invite people to watch the whales from a closer distance, but also contributes to the protection of humpback whales by providing location data and conduct them to a whale research organizations. Each ship uses a hydrophone to listen to “voices singing whale”, changing the natural event into a visual and auditory experience is spectacular.
An experience truly unique to whale watchers during the period of the migration season is the appearance of Migaloo, the white humpback whale in the world. Migaloo has traveled since 1991 and is still often seen go not far from the East coast of Australia.
September school holidays is the perfect time to watch the whales and their babies. There are many tour performances whale, with prices ranging between $ 90 U.S. to $ 130 U.S., depending on the length of the tour. Most companies offer a tour of a quarter day, half day or full day with the option of including the provision of meals.







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