The development of Bali Tourism implicates to the existence of customary land, the need of customary is mounting for tourism Tuban Village as a self Governance Community , which recently remains exist success in responding the implication of that tourism development by commercialization of customary land. This commercialization leads to the need of customary community is fulfilled well.    The response of accommodative-collaborative towards outsiders presence and investors as well, however, influence towards persistence of customary institution. There are custom, rules, value and norm which finally shifts following the drift of modernization. Among them are, first, land function shifting from agricultural land to tourism support. Second, the customary land which previously used only  for the sake of internal customary community, at present it accommodate external customary. The third, the customary community at present more orientates on profits which is followed by more professional management in managing the customary land. On the other side, there are remains institution which function well such a, first, it is remain convinced the  fundamental value of customary land, that is considered taboo to transfer land ownership to someone else (selling) as it is still claimed its historical value, spiritualism/magical value, and social culture within the customary land. Second, it remains a prevail of subjugation obligation. Third, Awig-awig and perarem (written and unwritten customary rule) are remained used written and verbal guide in managing customary land, besides, paruman (meeting) it is remains used as rule in formulating decision on customary land   management. At last, the social function   remains effective. The function of customary institution which is at present  put in to effect finally implicates  towards trust formation of customary community. The customary community expectation toward accoutrement required by custom is fulfilled with capabilities, futuristic, and transparent. Customary institution and accoutrement required by custom has also been able to accommodate for the sake of customary community in priority thus the customary community interest is collateral. In spites of the anxiety of outsiders domination on the beneficial of customary community’s land, but it is soon overcome by customary rules  and customary land planning which give priority to customary community in the future.


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