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Title     : Blue Generation

Publisher: The idea Media
Edition: Soft Cover
Authors: Soleh Solihun
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9797803198
Pages: 178
Price: Rp. 26.000.00
Size: 115 × 19
Date of Publication: 2009
Stock: Blue Generation book is not available, see other book Love Can Lie Alexander Romanoff, Small-Small-Balloon Balloon Works Got Dreams Riri.

Synopsis          :
Slank originated from a group of young people responsibility without clear that future work was only “genjrang-genjreng” with occasional face protests left-right neighbor. Known as the band that they are consistent “slengean” songs with lyrics that bring critical and problematic characteristic of urban society. Now they are transformed into rock ‘n roll of the largest in Indonesia.

Soleh Solihun is a magazine editor rolling stone Indonesia. After seven years as a student, alumni Padjadjaran University journalism is a music journalist out of college in 2004. Being a music journalist is one of his dreams since college. Worked as a journalist in the tabloids when the economy was in college. Although the occupations are financially satisfying, psychologically tormented. That is why until now he still holds fast to its founding to be a music journalist as much as possible and write down everything related to music. In addition to the magazine where she works, written texts and photographs of his shots can be viewed at http://www.solehsolihun.multiply.com

Pros :

generation of blue is a very interesting book to read a story written in this book tells some young people who can not stand clear of the future. In this book also tells of their struggle to bring them known in Indonesia This book is a musical journey recording Slank group. Start from the beginning of their careers after being trapped in a difficult drug to finally rise again.


shortcomings of this book lies only in sentences in a language that is very difficult to understand where this book using the language of young people today.

generation of blue is very good reading among teenagers because a lot of positive values ​​contained in it.


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