Holiday in Bali


Bali, we usually call this island with “The God Island” or “The Thousands Temple Island”. Bali is the famous place of Indonesia. Bali is the island with do different to others. Besides, it has beautiful landscapes and many tourist objects. The occupants are  also very kind. From many beautiful places in Bali, there is one name of tourist site. That is Kuta Beach. This beach is very beautiful and attractive.

In Kuta Beach, we can do many water sport, such as : swimming, parasailing, surfing, etc. Besides, we can enjoy the beautiful of Kuta Beach by walking or sitting on a comfortable sand. We also can try the reflection massage. There are many propesional massages at Kuta Beach. We can also buy many attractive souvenir such as, kain ikat, wooden carved, statue, and many other else.

Have you come to this island ? If you haven’t come to this island, it will be better, If you prepare your trip to this island. There many hotels in Kuta from the cheapest until the expensive. Let’s going to this island ! You will get the heaven !




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