Holiday at Semawang



Holiday is a nice moment for everybody. Like the other students, I was feeling alike. I am the first student from SMUN 1 Kuta Utara, Bali, name Imanuella Jacob, but my family and my friends call me IMEL who enjoyed holiday.

All students in the first and second class on my school got holiday last week, because all students of third class were experiencing their national examination and to spent their holiday, they  planned to do school task and would go to the beach too. We agreed to visit Semawang beach at Sanur, Bali.

Last Thuesday my friends, Wiwi, Widhya, Trida, Novi and I were going to the Semawang beach by each of our motor. Trida and Novi was driving Trida motor. wiwi and I was driving Wiwi’s motor and Widhya drive her motor by her self.

On the way, we were hit by the traffic jammed. A transport truck was parking, so that the way which not too big was shutting by that truck. Fortunately, when there is a chance Wiwi, Widhya and I as soon as go out from the traffic jammed. But, except with Trida and Novi, they didn’t go out from the traffic jammed, because they had taken the wrong stripe. Because of that, we were loose on the road.

After we had arrived at Semawang beach, we can’t find Trida and Novi. We were waiting for half o clock there, until finally we chose to stop waiting, because it had been 04.00 p.m and we didn’t want to neglect the time. That’s because the distance from our house to Semawang beach is far enough. It’s about 8 km. We just want to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach. Semawang is a famous tourism object, which have a beautiful beach with fresh air and calm wave. Apart from that, Semawang has a beautiful panorama in the morning. In this time you can saw the SUNRISE along the beach. It was wonderful! And, border of the beach there’s some art shop which sold a swim clothes, Balinese clothes and any kind of souvenir. There’s some café, which serve a delicious food and drink in this place. In there I was seen many children too. They were swimming and playing the beach sands. Apart from that, foreign tourists were looking in the border of the beach too. Before they had swum, they would have walked along the beach or they would to sunbathe their body. People who lease motor boat and canoo were looking busy to lease it. And, this is the most important things to us, because apart to swimming we want to played canoo too. At the beach, I can saw some sailboat which used to fault the fish. Small ship which used to have a trip was looking too

Seeing the blue sea, the calm wave, and the clear water would make we felt so tempted to as soon as had swum and played canoo. Although, I never play it by myself before that. But, I was to encouraging my self to try it. And finally, I can played it alone. I would not passed the moment at the beach in vain. Apart from played canoo I had swim too. Although it just for some minute. And after that, I was felt that my mind become so calm and my body feel so relax. I and my friends were enjoying the situation like this. The fresh air and the warm water made our self felt to harder and we didn’t wanted back to home. But however, we must back to home, because it had been 05.30 pm and we didn’t want to back to home until to night. So, we as soon  as preparing our luggage. And than, we went to our each house.

To my self, I felt very happy and enjoyed this holiday. Going to the Semawang beach with Wiwi and Widhia is a nice moment. Although two of my friends, Novi and Trida didn’t went with us. But, I would thanks to God for this chance. I will always remembering this moment. This is the first time I was braving to played canoo by my self and surely it’s because a spirit which Wiwi and Widhia given to me. And now I know that played canoo is very easy.

One thing that must we remembering that Semawang is a beautiful beach at Sanur and if you want to enjoy your holiday so Semawang is a suitable choice. If you want to spend the night, you can find some hotels near the beach. I am sure you will like it.



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