At away back, in west Java live a princess, her name was Dayang Sumbi. She had a son. His name was Sangkuriang. His Child fond of hunting forest. Every hunting,Tumang  always accompanied Sangkuriang. Tumang do not other than father Sangkuriang, but Sangkuriang do not know that thing and his mother intend concealing it.

At one particular day, Sangkuriang hunting forest. At arrival forest, Sangkuriang saw a bird alight on bough, without a thought  Sangkuriang shooting  it and hit target. After that Sangkuriang  order the Tumang for pursuing it but Tumang just silent  and do not want to listen go word of Sangkuriang. Because Sangkuriang very angry at Tumang finally Sangkuriang dissipate Tumang and not permit to come back home  with  his again.

Arriving home Sangkuriang tell this to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi so angry, she took a spoon of rice and slapped head Sangkuriang. Because his mother was disappointed with the treatment, Sangkuriang decided to leave home. After incident, Dayang Sumbi sorry and continue to pray for her son to come home. Because of his sincerity, Dayang Sumbi given a gift of timeless beauty from Gods and forever young.

After many years finally  Sangkuriang came home  pages. Upon arrival, he was very surprised to saw a very beautiful woman and he intended to propose. Finally an application is received by Dayang Sumbi and agree marry. One day, Sangkuriang request permission Dayang Sumbi to hunting forest. Before departing he requested Dayang Sumbi to spruce up the headband. When Dayang Sumbi look tidy scar-like son. Then Dayang Sumbi to question Sangkuriang and Sangkuriang asked to tell it. Dayang Sumbi shocked because her husband was his biological child. Dayang Sumbi find a way so that she did not marry Sangkuriang.

Dayang Sumbi wish that Citarum River dammed and request to be made a canoe to cross a river. Sangkuriang  asking for help to his friends from the genie. Dayang Sumbi secretly peeked Sangkuriang work. Dayang Sumbi very shocked and require assistance to residents to spread the red cloth on the east side of town. Sangkuriang very angry, then he made a dam break through and kick it up face down and the canoe into a mountain named Tangkuban Perahu




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