Expression of Invitation

Basic Competence:

Responding to the meaning contained in the conversation transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal (social) and the unofficial official who uses a simple range of oral language accurately, fluently and appreciate in the context of daily life and involve follow-said: met, met / separated , approved the invitation / offer / invitation, accepting an appointment, and cancel


  • Responding to acts of  meeting
  • Identify the meaning of expressing approval/  invitation
  • Responding to  accept approval/ invitation
  • Identify the meaning of receiving an appointment
  • Responding to  receive promise
  • janji Identify the meaning of said act of canceling
  • Responding to a follow said canceling


  • Introduction,, met / separation . eg. A: Pleased to meet you! A: pleased to meet you!

B: Pleased to meet you too!

accept the invitation / offer / invitation

A: Come to my party.

B: Thanks for the invitation

  • accept appointment

A: I’ll get you

the book.

B: It’s very kind of you.

  • cancel an appointment

. A: I’m sorry I can not make it

.B: That’s OK. time. We’ll do it some other time.


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